Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Owl buddy

Saw this on another blog, I just had to make it.
If you want to make one go to Shanns blog  and check it out.

The fabric I have had for a long while pocket came from a dress I made in the 60's I say dress I could not believe how short it was. The rest were scraps from when I made my boys Bermuda shorts in the 80's. They choose the fabric from a great fabric shop in Manchester. They were a lot more out going then. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fresh start

I have not posted for ages so much has happened that I would not know where to begin. Thought that I would just have a fresh start and show what I have just finished.
 It is a pattern I adapted from jeans diamonds   It was for a diamond wedding anniversary. The original pattern had a white background. The couple I made it for live in a very old cottage and I thought that the white looked to modern. As I am on a use up my stash drive and only having a white sheet for the background I dyed it Pebble beige really pleased with the colour.
Then I had the problem for the backing decided on  a dark cream fleece which was also in my stash. I backstitched their names and dates in the middle squares. Thankfully the couple were thrilled.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Molly's Quilt

This is my latest quilt, a birthday gift for my Granddaughter who was 5 today. I quilted it onto pink fleece, I have learnt that my grandchildren love there quilts and they get very grubby and are washed frequently. The fleece washes so well and dries a lot quicker so much more practical for them.
Molly on her quilt  

close up  

I use exploding pineapple and the pink center and the pink with the flowers I bought in Paris the butterfly fabric came from the market in Faversham.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Two lap quilts

I have made two lap quilts for a family that I used to live next door to.
First one is for Mabel who is 3 years old.
Quick variation on a Pineapple made into a 9 patch. 

Close up with pooh in the middle

Mickey and Milly fleece with label  

disappering nine patch
Made into a quillow (quilt that folds into a pillow)

Label I thought I should add Poppy my dog     
 This second quilt is for Mabel's Mum and Dad. I added Poppy on the label as she misses my neigbours and no matter how I try I could not keep it clean of dog hairs.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

CQJP 2013

CQJP October, November and December.
Well I got there by the skin of my teeth. One day to go.

October has a lots of different buttonhole variations of stitches.
November close up

 November I started with a base of herringbone with other stitches added to make pattens.
December I started with running stitches, then different weaving stitches not sure if they have names. 

  My life is about to change all over again moving back to Cornwall in the middle of January will tell more when I have moved.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

September CQJP 2013

I finished this weeks ago just not found the time to post. Slipping behind a bit.

close up

close up 2
 I used the stitches from Pintangle Tast link here 
Fishbone stitch, open fishbone, closed feather, Spanish knotted feather, coral stitch, fancy hemstitch, and wrapped coral.

Monday, 7 October 2013

August CQJP2013

August Crazy patchwork finished. link to cqjp2013.blogspot.

 Theme for this block is herringbone.
I have used Threaded, tied, double, couched down with bullion and french knots, detached chain, and cross stitch.
Top blue is herringbone and I couched down some of the threads with bullion stitch and french knots. Directly underneath is double herringbone.
Far right plain herringbone next to that I have tied herringbone. Then threaded herringbone.

Along the top I have tied herringbone with a  bit of a variation instead of tied by the loops I pulled the loops down all to the same level so that it looks like a line, it changes the look of the stitch completely.

  I am still playing about with ideas. I hate to spend a lot of time and effort into something if I cannot find a use for it. Thought it would be okay just to learn stitches and technique, but it is not working. Really do need a theme or purpose for these blocks. I have thought about making them into bags. or cushions or covering Mums small fabric chest. Still pondering will have to decide later. I love sewing these blocks.